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100 Trojan division takes an examination of hill of 2008 dragon tiger explore wh
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Guo Degang Mr. Guo has a famous remark: "The scientist is met wushu, everybody is blocked " . We wants to feel reasonable more more, word coarse manages not coarse, where is what meaning? The scientist is wisdom and knowledge originally is indicative, and wushu cannot leave courage and get right on the job. I think prospective conqueror is sure is to belonged to those to master scientific knowledge and the person that has tenacious volition and outstanding courage and resource, this is us the ancients place says -- courage and insight. 100 Trojan division takes an examination of dragon tiger hill explore planMeaning the stage that providing a knowledge that shows oneself and courage for broad young students, we see gladly since the day that the plan implements up to now, countrywide each district participated in the student that sign up to had broken through more than 1000 people, on July 3, we announced the first batch of 50 more than person explore Trojan list, they come from the college of countrywide each district, have university of Harbin grain industry, university, Wukelan leaves south national aviation university, nanjing aerospace university, the Nanchang university that also our Jiangxi is saved originally and Jiangxi division are old. Up to the day that distribute news dispatches, they still are in day and night travel at double speed, terraqueous come drive toward Long Hu hill, with period unplug so that the head prepares in the test of this wisdom and courage!

On July 9, the division of dragon tiger hill that forms by 5 Shuai Xiaohuo of Nanjing aerospace university is taken an examination of explore reach a society to carry out contingent to garrison Long Hu hill, a brave and strong man that becomes the first to arrive at dragon tiger hill explores contingent. Strictly speaking they are a task groups that have actual strength quite, 5 groups small in the major that has two people is market sale, the major that still has 3 people is machinist Cheng and car project, 5 blessing child designs the optimal hoisting program that they brought them and rich original Olympic Games. Course and scene area the staff member's communication, they will enter burrow to explore on the spot inside 3 days two subsequently, these two days they are in the proboscis hill world of area of scene of dragon tiger hill the tourist attraction such as city of geological park, celestial being undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, returning those who a bit is worth to be carried is they still think method was joined area of scene of Long Hu hill films special subject piece CCTV takes Chinese column form, if arrive when they can appear again on the screen of the CCTV, I am met not at all wondering, what I show the action ability that come to express admiration greatly to this generation undergraduate.
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