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The travel that repair water 4 characteristics
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(1) " gules " -- long water is revolutionary old quarter, by the side of the Hunan another name for Jiangxi Province that is leader of Comrade Mao Zedong " autumn harvest uprises " one of main source, on September 9, 1927 start shooting " autumn harvest uprises " the place of the first gun, it is a design, make and take the lead in rising revolution of workers and peasants army the place with vexillary one side, revolution of the workers and peasants when autumn harvest uprises army the first army division headquarters of the first division and its place are belonged to the first, the place where troops are stationed that straight spy of the 4th group and division connects. The gules travel resource of my county very rich, entire county has revolution relics, vestigial 60 more than place, among them countrywide key cultural relic protects an unit 1 place, provincial key cultural relic protects an unit 2 place, cultural relic of prefectural class key protects an unit 6 place. After autumn harvest uprise repairs water memorial hall to teach base for countrywide patriotism in the name that be awarded, was judged to be Jiangxi to save again 2004 " the 10 bright red lubricious tourist attractions in common people heart " one of; And desolate overcomes a challenge ever holograph epigraph " autumn harvest uprise is in long water " . Current, memorial hall of autumn harvest uprise has been collected, collected a country one class cultural relic 7, 2 class cultural relic 12, 3 class cultural relic wait for many revolutionary cultural relic and document data 58 times. At the same time 2005 revolution of Chinese workers and peasants army the first army site of division headquarters of the first division, round ministry is labelled again national level cultural relic protects an unit. Tourist attraction of travel of my county red shares autumn harvest uprise to repair revolution of water memorial hall, workers and peasants army the first army revolution of site of division headquarters of the first division, workers and peasants army the first army the first division site of site of posse round ministry, mountain pass meeting, blessing.

(2) " green " -- long water has since ancient times " mountains and rivers-land is very grave, can offer visit " , "Great river the beautiful shell the world with west hill water, show of bell of peaceful county of big state branch is in the majority " say. Churchyard mountains and rivers-land is elegant, the picture is attractive. Be called " 700 lis of long rivers the first hill " south cliff draws near water and, cliff danger stands, gu Mu is very tall, cirrus wraps around the ground, beautiful red-spotted stonecrop is become, in adding hill, stay have the Quan Chenxian such as Huang Tingjian person numerous rub cliff carved stone, show the culture of its long history and massiness. The Huang Longshan with grand big gain, cliff strange stone is strange, flying waterfall is like rainbow, gu Songqiu is bent, yun Zhengxia colourful, the scenery is grand, peak of climb a hill supports, double base of land of 3 provincial boundaries steps, front courtyard of Po lake hole hopes to close. There is buddhism below hill 5 7 Huang Longzong of one temple of Zu Tinghuang dragon, cry the can of landscape of natural person article such as water chute, Tai Qingwen spring calls north of another name for Jiangxi Province a special skill. The 5 plums hill southeast the county is the highest peak in a mountain range of 9 mountain mountain range, altitude 1712 meters, it is 9 rivers city administer highest peak of 9 mountain mountain range, north of the another name for Jiangxi Province that be called the first peak. This hill is protective screen of Xiu Shuina face, still have more than 10000 mus up to now primitive second forest, northwest of the another name for Jiangxi Province that be called last virgin forest. Situation of hill of 5 plums hill rises and fall changeful, rock wall rise steeply, the natural landscape that has show of numerous configuration myriad, magnificent danger and chute cliffside spring, relatively famous have " play chess of the Eight Immortals in the legend " , " fontal look tries a way " , " close father to try a sword " , " Zhao Bai Chengxian " . The Dong Ling stone forest that repairs water to return Ling Yuxiu having a handleless cup additionally, clear water cliff of uncanny workmanship and hole of cloth Jia Rong, affect feelings of boy far away from home hold in the arms child arbutus of Gu Zhangqun dorp crosses the chiliad of strange stone, vigrous luxuriantly green, activation
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