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Cool and refreshing be away for the summer holidays drive oneself swim Jiangxi
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Summer vacation time will come, the car that is fond of to drive go on a journey oneself is friendly people having beginninging to plan the journey of summer vacation, and consideration limits also not just confine the time of Yu Shuangxiu day and space, after the final examination that is work laboriously of a kind of course probably, the choice accompanies go on a tour of old high school student, put completely fly to enjoy the travel that lies fallow to be driven oneself him mood, footloosely. This period friend giving a car people the brigade that introduces Jiangxi deepness elite, have a few helps to engineering your meeting of the journey probably.

Calm south, accipitral pool, quiet ancient town, go up forgive

The journey: To the eagle pool hind arrives on Rao Ke with visitting 320 countries, if time is ample,the course can visit peak of Yi Yang chelonian when a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it is in relief. Also can be in rest and reorganization of dragon tiger hill one evening, morrow again upgrade forgive.

Hotspot: Peak of in relief chelonian of a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it, go up clear hill of tiger of ancient town, dragon.

Brief introduction: The scenery that chelonian peak is national level scenic spot area, with Dan Xia landforms becames famous, vestigial everywhere sees archaic burrow culture. Quiet ancient town has palace of the Qing Dynasty on Taoism resort on, from on quiet ancient town arranges Lu brook to the river drifts and fall by bamboo balsa, can arrive be located in the Dan Xia landforms that 20 kilometers locate southwest of accipitral pool environs -- , Long Hu hill, on the way landscape as if be like elfland.

Go up forgive, Mt Jade county, 3 clear hill

The journey: Along 320 countries from on forgive arrives the road of Mt Jade is passable, go to again however 3 clear hill are dish of hill highway completely almost, curved multichannel is narrow, on the way the scenery is pretty good.

Hotspot: Taoism name hill 3 clear hill.

Brief introduction: Visit 3 clear hill to be able to go south line or east line, the line begins from view scene stage south, the stage of day of a gleam of of by way of, jade, stage that watch day comes Na Qingyuan, the tourist attraction compares concentration. The line begins to come via Yu Jingfeng from strong clouds cereal east door of pace of Gong Qian of 3 Qing Dynasty, hill road is arduous, the tourist attraction is dispersive, suit to like climbed tourist.

3 clear hill, Mt Jade county, Wu source

The journey: To Wu from Mt Jade the source can take 320 countries course, turn to the root of antipyretic dichroa next 205 nations line, the left-hand rotation after walking along 20 much kilometers can arrive at Wu source.
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