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About time-out " become aware hill is seaborne greatly " the announcement that c
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Each travel agent:
The near future, my bureau receives report many cases to stroke city district endowment brook becomes aware hill scene area exists greatly of safe problem complain a case. The problem centers in: Scene area recieves ability finite, order is confused, grab have dinner, grab skin raft and fight incident happens from time to tome, cause tourist to arrive at scene area to cannot drift.
Current, industry of whole town travel is being begun deep " greet an Olympic Games, tell new wind of civilized, tree " activity, the our city also lies " achieve civilized town " crucial phase of the job. In view of become aware hill scene area reveals exposed problem at present greatly, my bureau asks: Ying Congwei of enterprise of whole town each travel agent protects travel quality and tourist safety to set out, time-out is right " become aware hill is seaborne greatly " the sale of circuit, happen in order to prevent travel safety accident.

Bureau of Nanchang city tourism
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