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Cottage hill throws endowment of a huge sum endowment resource of protective org
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Cottage hill is purified in protection of sewage disposal, ancient wood, air early or late in recent years, the respect investment such as environmental sanitation of the appearance of a city is huge endowment, landscape of protective world culture bilks the zoology resource that develops with can lasting.

Cottage hill management board invests 4 million yuan, build scissors gorge sewage disposal station and net of canal of form a complete set build the sewage disposal station, lake that be like musical instrument, official investment is used. In the meantime, laid conduit of thirteen thousand two hundred meters of blowdown, jiang Ruqin lake, beautiful diameter piece the sewage of restaurant of the rainwater of the area and dweller, hotel is detached, the sewage disposal rate of the catchment of the lake that be like musical instrument that makes cottage hill famous achieves 70 % above, lake water water quality improves apparently, reached the level of water quality of 4 kinds of water. Enhance fountainhead land one, diode manage protection, the tap water of cottage hill leaves factory water achieved straight drink water gauge to allow. Cottage hill still strengthened the protection of landscape tree, trade tree.

Use liquid gas to encourage a dweller, the price of steam of cottage hill liquefaction is maintained in canister of 60 yuan of / , cottage hill finance is annual allowance more than yuan 80, great the fell trees that reduced firewood bavin. The forest of cottage hill is enclothed rate achieved 91.54 % , included national emphasis commonweal forest protection, quantity of vivid forest save up achieves 790 thousand stere, rank complete province the first, green zoology advantage is shown adequately. In travel busy season, cottage hill is returned " gangway at the tourist " , got the welcome of broad tourist. In the meantime, tail gas of rigid limitation car exceeds mark to discharge. Small town of mountain of cottage hill bull executed 24 hours of Bao Jie, rubbish day quiet day writtens guarantee, the rubbish of generation is unified pull field of processing of the rubbish below hill to center processing.