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Chen An is numerous: 9 rivers construction existing writings turns travel name c
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Since this year, strategy of city of interest in going on an excursion of brigade of culture of 9 rivers city is having thrust to enter, culture travel industry appears an impetus that accelerates development. How to make culture travel brand with all one's strength further, realize 9 rivers to spend the change of travel name city from Xiang Wen of culture travel big city? Taking this task, chen An of secretary of municipal Party committee of vice-chairman of Jiangxi province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, 9 rivers is numerous lead a group to go to Changsha, Heng Yang two city undertake special subject makes an on-the-spot investigation.

Come day after day, delegacy without a stop, come to Changsha, Heng Yang early or late two city, look around inspected Tian Han great theater, have full-bodied lake Hunan Heng Shan of base of property of tea-oil tree of in relief city of the archaize building of civilian house characteristic, Lei, Nayue.

51 trade group, Huang Xingna road walks business street shop is bristly, shed gold to drip silver-colored; Slope child street folk-custom name feeds a street to build like a raging fire; Hunan river merchant of district of Dong Anbin water gathers; Liberate person of street of culture of region public house is enraged on the west hot; Business chance of group of trade of center of culture of new century sports is infinite... the upper old the city zone in day heart area, of street of peace and tranquility antique, slope child the folk-custom name of the street is fed, traditional characteristic commerce gathers in old the city zone of north of area of Changsha day heart, add an opera a street, bar a street waits old job a moment south a street, city, block of characteristic of area of Changsha day heart group reveal a solid culture inside information and distinctive commercial potential.

Chen An is numerous say, the culture market protection that inspected Changsha, development and after using, feel shock. Changsha liberates a thought, in integrated travel resource, broken solution respect of capital difficult problem walked out of the road of innovation, its develop concept and train of thought to make delegacy is inspired. Changsha is in the text that makes brand of noisy culture travel, through digging Hunan culture, pay attention to the construction that folk-custom name feeds street, culture street to wait, do strong city travel, in the meantime, use market mechanism, the force of activation government, society, dweller and foreign capital, make brand of noisy culture travel jointly, these concepts and practice are provided quite to 9 rivers draw lessons from a meaning.

Chen An is numerous express, learn Changsha, watch 9 rivers instead, we make there's something behind all this of culture travel brand can be done, greatly latent capacity can be dug. Want aggrandizement brand concept. Grade, character, brand, it is us the put forward and should pose height to take seriously particularly problem in prospective development. Life of enterprise, career, masses should pay attention to character, grade, brand, prep let alone a city, should pay attention to its character, grade and brand more. Brand strategy, should perforative the whole process that at us economic society develops. Travel from culture for, also be such. Do not have competition ability without the brand, must rely on the culture travel advantage with 9 distinct rivers, advance construction of culture travel brand, make brand of landscape of noisy world culture, make brand of travel of countryside of essence of life, do strong recreational go vacationing brand, use all sorts of resource to had made each respect brand. Should according to " lead program, as a whole form a complete set, integrated resource, urban district is built in all, make high-quality goods " train of thought, high starting point, with great quantity construction tourist attraction of a batch of provincial and banner, whole nations' famous culture travel high-quality goods, cast off an our city as soon as possible " second-class and top-ranking resource, famous degree, 3 stream development, 4 stream manage " state, complete change " have sth. worth seeing or reading, did not say a head, be short of play a head " backward situation. 2 want firm to catch high-quality goods project. Should collect vital energy of person energy of life, the wealth that take flourishing through construction of high-quality goods project. We are chosen " 9 rivers 10 scene " , " cottage hill 10 scene " purpose, choose namely provide the representative, beautiful scenery that can attract eyeball most to undertake outfit, key is recommended be wrappinged in the round most, make outstanding and traditional culture and be in harmony of contemporary and advanced culture are an organic whole, make tourist attraction character with all one's strength, promote grade in the round, brand of main start shooting, breed the heat that has distinguishing feature alone, window and sell a site. Want conformity to make high-quality goods, strengthen the comprehensive conformity of the resource such as culture, religion, town, agriculture, the group project of the museum type such as buddhism of craft of construction folk-custom culture, folk, China; Should multivariate make high-quality goods, build warehouse of culture travel project, choose a batch of high quality, have the latent capacity, project that has the market, strive for actively include country and province project construction the plan, do what good project builds to dog, the job such as directive, management; Want to make high-quality goods jointly, pay attention to introduce have aptitude, have a brand, the economic actual strength, big company that has success management experience undertakes developing, build strategic alliance.
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