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Happy event greet with National Day Teng Wangge passes on broad citizen sincerel
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Yesterday, the reporter is in know from Teng Wangge management, mid-autumn, during National Day, nanchang citizen but half price visits Teng Wangge.

As we have learned, come round to attract more tourist amuse oneself, area of scene of Teng king cabinet is rolled out especially " greet mid-autumn, Qing Guoqing " favourable activity. Nanchang citizen holds a person Id Yu Zhongqiu " small holiday " (on September 13 ~9 month 15 days) reach 11 " the golden week " (on September 29 ~10 month 5 days) during visiting Teng Wangge all can enjoy privilege of entrance ticket half price, the student holds him student's identification card or campus card enjoys afore-mentioned privilege likewise.

On September 10, in teacher's day that day, hold card of him teacher qualification to be able to visit area of scene of Teng king cabinet freely.