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Hill of 2008 dragon tiger is outdoors fine time is critical recruit
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The cloud: Old swim unforgettable, reason sword situation is difficult! 6 years, partner is accompanied people together, the dragon tiger hill with the largest scale of our initiate home section of tent of the first international; Section of tent of international of hill of tigers of 7 years of the 2nd dragon, we created Chinese tent section to share a number the historical record with most, the oldest dimensions; Section of tent of international of hill of tigers of 8 years of the 3rd dragon, we ascend the news broadcast of CCTV the first times; Sharing this with the asinine friend of the whole nation and even whole world portion special honour and excited when, we never forget: Only ceaseless innovation and cordial service, ability is truly thorough popular feeling! Ability tarry is brilliant!

Yes, we never forget, 2008 section of the 3rd tent last evening, more than 1000 firm ass friend of we and whole nation helps be locked in a stalemate up in harships, spend in all with gown, encourage harships! We had made next promises: Dragon tiger hill should do best, newest, unapproachable open grand meeting signs up for these asinine friend back and forth -- outdoors most angel!

This is -- hill of 2008 dragon tiger (mid-autumn) beautiful and outdoors the origin of fine time!

She what take you or he comes! You won't be disappointed! We are already ready, ta-ta!

One, mobile general situation

Report for duty time: On September 12 -- 13 days 07: 00
Mobile time: Came 15 days on September 13
Mobile place: Peach blossom of area of scene of hill of tiger of dragon of city of Jiangxi eagle pool continent (advocate assembly room)
Sponsor an unit: Beauty spot of travel of dragon tiger hill
Undertake unit: Tan of network of outdoors data of company of group of tourism of dragon tiger hill, China, eagle is outdoors net
Support a network: Outdoors net and home count Tan of Long Hu net of network of Chinese outdoors data, sina happy road, Nanjing, eagle outdoors club of mainstream of a hunderd schools
Plan to invite TV medium: Jiangxi is defended inspect, Hunan is defended inspect

2, main activity project

5 big board piece: Belle show, Tan Mei of division of first outdoors music, eagle feeds area of festival evening party, Hua Dong mid-autumn luxuriant growth, outdoors activity
Sweetheart of 1, moon -- dragon tiger hill is outdoors mid-autumn musical division
2, predestined relationship comes is you -- the contest of choose of goddess in the moon in my dream
Water of green jade of skirt of 3, Neon -- stage of the T on model water is beautiful
4, perfect storm -- mad Water-splashing Festival
5, lenient -- with the tug-of-war on belle water
Brook of Lu of 6, contest bully -- kayak of Lu brook river drifts contend for hegemony is surpassed
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