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Beauty spot of national irrigation works, pool of appropriate spring flying swor
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Beauty spot of national irrigation works, flying sword pool, of a Lv Dongbin because of the Eight Immortals in the legend fabulous and get a name. Flying sword pool is located in Jiangxi to visit appropriate spring town, be apart from appropriate spring the city zone only 32 axiom, be apart from Nanchang of provincial capital city and Changsha 200 more than axiom, a road arrives directly at scene area, park, as provincial as national forest scenic spot area, bright moon hill borders.

Flying sword pool is group of hill encircle, size islands is dotted, color is like halcyon, 1000 appearance 100 condition. More than 10000 mus lake face, a winding path leading to a secluded spot of from time to time, be suddenly enlightened of from time to time, relaxed and happy making a person; Thick woods, ancient Mu Congsheng, charactizing a fine spring day, with set off of clear lake face posture, you Xianji is halcyon; Light of lake water wave is crystalline, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, more show its inherent beautiful qualitative, unapproachable; Below azure sky, every bits of bit egret, wave in the wind smoke from kitchen chimneys, those who highlight the natural beauty of lakes and mountains is beautiful much appearance.

Pool of growl of Li Chongzhu of the jasper curfew of flying sword pool, bay, roars of a tiger, peak child halation, Shi Huan hangs pool of month, smooth sword, fairy diving tower, 7 stars to turn a bottle of echo each other at a distance, be full of magical with legend; The mosquito craft on the park on water, surf on water, water, float swim picnic of sightseeing of garden of happy, lark, agricultural zoology garden, bivouac, barbecue, mountain-climbing involves pool, peasant family the rich contemporary recreation such as danger, go angling project more dash forward show preserve one's health of flying sword pool to go vacationing, water.

The family of the North sea that has distinguishing feature alone is the core scene area of beauty spot of flying sword pool, be located in inside lake of flying sword pool, it is the epitome of area of scene of flying sword pool. Can enjoy not only here eat farmhouse meal, enjoy farmhouse dish, live the groovy service of farmhouse courtyard, still but to the top of one's bent the landscape view that appreciates flying sword pool, can experience preserve one's health to go vacationing more, the boundless fun with the fitness on water, recreational zoology.

The You Le with beautiful environment, rich beauty spot of flying sword pool's project, easy communication, be the world " a haven of peace " , it is people travel lies fallow the good place that go vacationing.
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