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No leisure tourist city of Nanchang Recreation building up the city Where to go
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2010 held in Nanjing, China (International) Leisure Development Forum, was born 2010, China's top ten leisure city. Nanchang third time absent. What is leisure? Leisure and Tourism What is the relationship between the two? "Chinese Dictionary" explanation: that leisure break, over the life of leisure. "The exact stresses is a tourist city of Nanchang, but not to the crown on a 'casual' word of the city." Experts said. Three times named "fallen off" China's top ten cities selected were held leisure three times, the winner of the Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Yinchuan, 10 cities, based on the evaluation index is urban leisure infrastructure, urban leisure environment, leisure and cultural and leisure satisfaction. Nanchang rich tourism resources, rich cultural heritage, it seems that the "leisure city" are inextricably linked. In 2006, the Nanchang has exceeded 3,000 U.S. dollars per capita GDP, Jiangxi Normal University Economics Professor Chien-Te Lee said that this international "$ 3,000" as an important indicator of modernization. In the western developed countries, the proportion of leisure travel has reached 50%. "According to international practice, an area more than 30% of visitors come for the holiday, leisure trip really started. Nanchang current leisure travel accounted for less than 10%." National Day Golden Week this year, for example, Nanchang, in the past "golden week each to tourists trapped in congestion, tired," the problem still exists. October 5, who lives in Fuzhou City Daichun Juan came to the Magic Gourd farm with his son, 9 at the door, one day only to play the three projects, "most of the time in the queue, each project must be ranked almost two hours . "play becomes tense, tired, and runs counter to the concept of leisure physical and mental pleasure. Nanchang leisure travel has been shouting for a long time, especially in Wanli District, Anyi. So what is "congestion" of the Nanchang "leisure"? The embarrassment of Nanchang Experts noted that the rapid development of tourism in Nanchang reflects the desire for leisure. "Today the competition between the cities into the era of brand competition." China Top Ten Leisure City organizing committee selected Shu Fumin, said: "determined whether a city is a casual, first of all have to look at their software and hardware." Interestingly, Wuyuan County was "the best casual small town in China 2010" title, Jiujiang has been awarded "2008 China Top Ten Leisure City" award. This is also confirmed from one side, people are more willing to Nanchang, Jiujiang, leisure, rather than the "home" in Nanchang. During the National Day holiday this year, Chang Ninetowns international high-speed rail passengers to send nearly 17 million people could support this phenomenon. In fact, this newspaper and the Provincial Tourism Administration jointly held the "Great Lake to explore eco-tourism" activities, which lasted two weeks, the introduction of the Poyang Lake leisure travelers, the main attractions for the Komsomolsk, Lushan International Golf Club, hot stars City, etc., all these attractions in Jiujiang territory. Nanchang, the provincial capital but no one was recommended attractions, Poxian embarrassment. Jiujiang board the "China Top Ten Leisure City" in 2008, Nanchang developed planning, the recent (2008 -2010) of and in the long term (2011 -2020) of the two phases to create features casual tourist city. Recent developments for the integration of: red tourism and cultural tourism as the twin-engine, to promote the tourism product from traditional sightseeing to leisure and tourism and ecotourism to the main tourist, leisure and heavy-duty changes. "Nanchang to build six large casual night market, is looking for change." Nanchang tourism department staff, told reporters. China's top ten tourist city assessors said that after "nomination recommendation, online voting, special investigation, expert review" and other procedures, it selected the "Top Ten Leisure City", can be said that each city are outstanding. Humanities, tourism is just one aspect, but also on the basis of casual power, force and other aspects of the public assessment of leisure, such as tourists to Chengdu in the evening can go to the tea house for tea drinking and Sichuan Opera, etc., which in itself is a kind of tourism resources, but also reflects public recreation force.