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7 cities of Nanchang and the establishment of a Tourism Alliance
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In the recently concluded 2010 National Tourism Service Innovation Forum and tourist cities in China (East China) Collaborative meeting, Nanchang and Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hefei, Xi'an City Tour Set 7 San central tourism hub of the establishment of a joint initiative of the National Union. At present, around the provincial capital of Nanchang city, tourist cities, especially in the developed Yangtze River Delta cities have established a tourism hub. Nanchang City Tourist Center and other alliance, local visitors can enjoy in addition to the local tourism Distribution center's services, but also in the alliance city of the future to enjoy more preferential prices and travel more and more comprehensive service. According to reports, tourist center as a new format of tourism in recent years has been all over the country everywhere, and grow. Tourist Center Union will promote the province's tourism hub of the development of open standards format And integration, network path, and through integration, collaboration, and create a tourist center from the scattered type of cooperation to a new compact model.