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Build an international tourism city of Nanchang
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Root out the advantages of resources to enhance the marketing, in order to enhance the tourism, leisure tourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism products as the core system of diversified services ... ... "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the city will increase the tourism industry in Nanchang city as a tourist destination, the competitiveness of the number of tourist reception and strive to total tourism income of the city and the tourism industry accounts for increasing the proportion of GDP, the tourism industry into a pillar industry for economic development in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the tourist center of the city, the central region's main cities and international tourist destination famous tourism city. Nanchang travel distribution center consolidation "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the city tourism industry will strengthen regional cooperation, relying on the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, etc., in the tourist product development, destination marketing, tourism strategy to strengthen regional cooperation organizations, consolidating the tourism center in Nanchang city status . Meanwhile, from the project, information, and market linkage services in four areas, build new service mechanism. In the implementation of preferential policies, the project market positioning, service facilities, tourist marketing, business management system designed to provide advanced services such as; the use of platforms such as Nanchang, timely and accurate travel for tourism enterprises to provide tourism and economic development, and prediction of individual dynamic tourism market information consulting to help companies improve market responsiveness; and improve the city, county level tourism management department linkage mechanism, enhance the management of the county tourism sector into the market and regulatory efforts; innovative forms of universal knowledge of tourism consumption, providing the tourism market dynamic information, and guide the public reasonable consumption, rational rights. The Whole Story of creative ideas throughout the tourism industry On the management side, the city will travel the full implementation of integrity rating, give prominence to faith tourism system; full implementation of the humane quality enhancement program guides, travel service brand prominence system; comprehensively promote the tourism destination management system, highlighting grasp the construction of tourist information for tourism operators to create a standardized operating environment for tourism consumers to create consumer confidence in the tourism market. Tourism is a creative industry, "second five" creative ideas during the city will run through all aspects of the development of tourism, particularly in the promotion and advertisement. Tourism marketing will be transformed into creative marketing, the use of "event marketing", "festival marketing," "celebrity marketing" and "video marketing" and other innovative marketing strategies, focusing on the characteristics of Nanchang accumulated rich cultural and historical relics to carry out product design and promotion activities actively carry out activities planned to enhance tourism marketing, targeted and effective. Focused on the introduction of Nanchang tourism "four goods" Tourism project is a product for the tourists, during the second five, the city will do a good job upgrades, and product transformation and upgrading of tourism from a single product mix sightseeing tourism, leisure, cultural ecology, business MICE tourism products such as composite structural transformation, establishment of tourism, cultural tourism, festival tourism, business travel, ecotourism, rural tourism, tourism and leisure tourism, the red eight categories of products, a diversified composite tourism product system. On this basis, focused on the introduction of red tourism must Goods (Xiaoping trail, eight series and the New Fourth Army, etc.), famous cultural tourism (Poetic, Ba Da Meihu area, etc.), eco-tourism boutique (Fantasy Park, Meiling, gourd farm, etc.) and new leisure and tourism (restaurants, health, entertainment, sports, culture), and other Nanchang tourism "four goods." At the same time, continue to focus on rural tourism, focused on the introduction highlights the characteristics of a series of activities in Nanchang, stimulating domestic demand and promoting consumption, enhance the core competitiveness; focus on promoting tourism resources development, upgrading a number of eco-tourism, leisure tourism, rural tourism products; focus improve the rural tourism hospitality, consulting and other service facilities, improve service quality and management level; focus on tourism promotion, joint media, travel agency launched a number of new attractions and new lines to guide the outskirts of the city tourist flow to achieve urban and suburban Tourism Development . Extend the industrial chain to create new form of Tourism is a comprehensive consumer spending, expanding consumer links, to extend the industrial chain is to improve the overall efficiency of an important way to travel. The city will extend the tourism industry chain, to expand tourism and shopping consumption, expanding night tourism consumption, develop new tourist shopping district features to enhance the share of tourism shopping; optimize product structure, response to the recent mid-range tourist market, the introduction of 2-3 days tourism product portfolio, extend the tourists spending time in Nanchang. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the city will rely on existing resources and conditions, travel demand segments to form a diverse tourism brand system. Historical and cultural tourism in the building on the basis of class tourism brand launched Country Resort & Convention Travel, MICE tourism, festival activities, tours, industrial tourism, sports tourism, Training Tourism and other new products, promote the integration of Buddhist culture, tourism, technology and cultural tours, village leisure entertainment tours green.