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Tourism is to accelerate the upgrading of economic transformation
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Accelerate economic transformation and upgrading of the industry to face a major issue, as the tourism industry is no exception. Only time transformation and upgrading, economic development can be highly competitive in the global pattern of the formation of new competitive advantages in order to tackle various risks and difficulties, to achieve sound and rapid development. State Department "to accelerate the development of tourism on the views of" the strategic objectives for the tourism industry and new requirements, the party's seventh session a comprehensive analysis of the Fifth Plenary Session of the economic situation, to indicate the direction of tourism development and put forward a new topic three decades of development practice, in order to further establish the new objectives of tourism has accumulated rich experience, the transformation and upgrading imperative. Tin Shui travel company owned Yaoshan Group is well-known scenic area, has experienced three decades or so the development process, we have had a glorious history. Breakthrough in the national industry as a whole, comprehensively promote the tide, companies feel the quality and speed of development has lagged behind. Put yourself in the overall situation of China's tourism to summarize, on the economic development of the platter to the analysis, that if you do not adjust their thinking, the pace of development to Maibu Kai, not innovation mechanism, companies have no vitality, not to establish new objectives are likely to deviate from the direction of business. To achieve economic transformation and upgrading of tourism, also must be adjusted as the central economic development ideas and growth. If you only consider the number of tourists and increase ticket sales, there is no significant increase in area only consider their own individual development is not as development. To achieve sustained and rapid development, but also to the flow, the development of new goals. It should be noted, at present, tourism is undergoing a transformation of the four, namely: the ticket to enhance the economy to the overall economic transformation from tourist to the transformation of leisure travel, from extensive primary service to the sophisticated modern services transformation from seeking single area of regional economic development to seek to boost the overall development of transformation. Based on this understanding, meet the Tin Shui Group Travel Company in accordance with the central spirit and meet the people's will, in line with trends, innovative principles in line with local practice, developed a "five-second" period of the three development goals. First 2011 tourist arrivals exceeded 300 million, and an annual increase rate of 20%. Economic growth rate which is greater than the growth rate of tourist arrivals; the second is the development of tourism in the results as soon as possible to benefit the local people, promoting local economic development, and benefit the local people was the regional economy is clearly to be promoted; third is the scenic construction be able to place business cards on behalf of Henan, China's tourism industry can represent the business card, and strive toward the forefront of China's tourism industry. To achieve this goal, we must first solve ideological problems. The tourism industry bigger and stronger doing fine, is incumbent upon each of the responsibility of tour operators, while the next five years due to the complex and changeable international situation, we face both opportunities and risks, we should always keep a clear mind, and enhance sense of responsibility, confidence and courage sufficient to meet the challenges. "Twelve Five-Year" plan ambitious, in the grand goal of achieving the road will face many new situations and new problems, ability to perform the role of first units, both need to have high political quality, but also need to have skilled professional quality . Therefore, we must seriously study and deeply understand the spirit and essence of the scientific development concept, excellent grasp of business knowledge, and continuously improve the level of work, take on new tasks in the successful play. Followed by full market-led and government-led initiative of both. With the continuous improvement of market mechanism, the invisible hand of the market is playing an increasingly important leading role. But in the transitional period of economic transformation and upgrading, the Government's leading role in the healthy development of the tourism industry is particularly important. Especially in the tourism market not big, not enough sound institutional mechanism, the Government should be more resources, milestones, development, etc. play a leading role. This will be the comprehensive advantages of training, the formation of new competitiveness, and promote a positive effect on product upgrades. Tin Shui Group travel company spotted the tourist market trends to meet the needs of economic restructuring and upgrading, so from the tourist facilities planning, design and management, the most advanced team together to absorb the most advanced concepts, so that travel companies forming a wide and advanced facilities, dominant concentration, the comparative advantage of promising large enterprises. Again is to cultivate talented people, build teams, to ensure healthy and sustainable development of economic transformation and upgrading. Build a politically strong, professional, hard working style of travel elite talent, not only is a good first troops need, but also a sound and rapid development of tourism in the fundamental guarantee. With the development of economic and social progress, happiness of the people living in the rising, while culture, living standards are increased demand, which demand high standards of performance in the service sector most. Tourism is a large correlation of modern service industry, to realize a better transition, building a strong team even more particularly important. In recent years, Tin Shui Group, a group of travel companies to recruit highly qualified personnel for the country, and carefully build management, marketing, tour three elite teams, lay personnel support for the stronger and bigger.